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Pay As You Go Residential Bandwidth


$11 per GB


3 GB of Residential Bandwidth


$8 per GB


10 GB of Residential. Bandwidth


$7.5 per GB


25 GB of Residential. Bandwidth


$6.4 per GB


100 GB of Residential. Bandwidth


$5.5 per GB

Why choose Quick Proxy?

Quick Proxy provides over 9 million rotating residential proxies with advanced Country/Region/City/ISP
filtering that allows you to browse anonymously, surf unrestrictedly, and precisely perform complicated tasks.

Our residential proxies work well with all standard proxy protocols to ensure they integrate with almost any software you may have. Find out more about the features of our proxies here!

Take your business to the next level with Quick Proxy!

There are many ways you and your business can benefit from residential proxies, including access to geo-restricted content, web scraping, price comparison, geo-targeting, market research, ad verification,
social media management, load balancing, data center migration, web filtering, sneaker purchasing, SEO monitoring.

You can use our residential proxies with Google, Facebook, Instragram, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

Enjoy the most reliable proxies and our residential network 99.8% uptime!

At Quick Proxy, we’re totally dedicated to ensuring that you browse and run your online business
successfully and without any frustrating hiccups or setbacks. 

We ensure the infrastructure and the ethically sourced residential proxies for you.

You select the proxy you need with a few simple clicks and integrate it with your proxy
manager tool/browser extension/anti-detect browser by copy-paste of your Quick Proxy credentials!


High-Quality Residential Proxies for Fast and Reliable Access

Worldwide Residential Proxies

Access proxies from specific countries, regions, cities, or ISPs to access geo-restricted content, manage social profiles, or perform data scraping tasks. Easily switch between different locations to access online content and services from anywhere in the world.

Fast Premium Proxy Network

Enjoy fast and stable connections to our 9+ million IPs, ensuring that you can access our proxies quickly and efficiently. As speed is crucial to get your data, Quick Proxy residential proxies' response time is under 2.5 seconds.

Our Competitive Advantage

We provide a unique offer that sets us apart from competitors - rollover data. Unlike the service you get with other proxy service providers, with Quick Proxy, the traffic you buy never expires. If you have GBs left at the end of the month, they remain available in your proxy account.

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Residential Proxy FAQ

A residential proxy is an IP address assigned to a physical location by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a residential user. It allows you to mask your own IP address and location, making it appear as if you are browsing from a different location. Residential proxies are commonly used for data scraping, web crawling, and ad verification or managing accounts. 

We support HTTP and Socks5 connection protocols. the choice between HTTP and SOCKS5 connection protocols depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user. HTTP is more efficient for web browsing and web-based tasks, while SOCKS5 is more versatile and secure for a wider range of traffic types.

  1. Data scraping and web crawling: Residential proxies can be used to collect data from websites without being detected or blocked.

  2. Ad verification: Advertisers and publishers can use residential proxies to verify that ads are being displayed correctly and to monitor the competition.

  3. SEO monitoring: SEO professionals can use residential proxies to monitor search engine rankings and to track changes in the search results.

  4. Social media management: Social media managers can use residential proxies to manage multiple accounts without being detected and to access content that is restricted in certain locations.

  5. Online market research: Market researchers can use residential proxies to gather data on consumer behavior, market trends, and competitor strategies.

  6. Access geo-restricted content: Residential proxies can be used to access content that is blocked or restricted in certain locations.

  7. Test websites and applications: Developers and testers can use residential proxies to test websites and applications from different locations around the world.

In general, residential proxies are useful for any task that requires anonymity, location flexibility, or the ability to bypass geographic restrictions.

When it comes to choosing a proxy service, mobile proxies and residential proxies are two of the most popular options. But what are the differences between them, and which one should you choose? Here’s a brief comparison of mobile proxies and residential proxies.

Mobile Proxies: Mobile proxies are IP addresses assigned to mobile devices, usually smartphones or tablets. These devices are connected to a mobile network and have a dynamic IP address that changes frequently. Mobile proxies are popular among marketers, social media managers, and researchers who need to access data and websites from different locations.

Residential Proxies: Residential proxies are IP addresses assigned to a physical location by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a residential user. They provide a higher level of anonymity and stability than mobile proxies, making them a popular choice among marketers, SEO professionals, and researchers who require large-scale data collection.

Overall, the choice between mobile proxies and residential proxies depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user. If you need a high level of anonymity, stability, and geolocation flexibility, mobile proxies may be the best choice. If you require large-scale data collection, access to geo-restricted content, and stability, residential proxies may be the better option.