Armenia Residential Proxies

Armenia Residential Proxies

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Fast and Reliable Armenia Residential Proxies

Armenia residential proxies are proxy servers that use real IP addresses provided by an internet service provider (ISP) to a residential user. A residential proxy allows you to access websites and online services from a real user’s perspective in a specific location without revealing your IP address or identity. 

Armenia Residential Proxies are an essential tool for your online experience. This is because of a few critical national and international statistics.

As of 2022, Armenia had a GDP of $13.7 billion and a population of roughly 3 million. The dram (AMD), divisible into 100 luma, is the official currency unit. Cash, credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments, and prepaid travel cards are the most used payment methods in Armenia. 

Armenia’s capital and largest city is Erevan, also written as Yerevan. As of 2022, it had a population of approximately 1.1 million and a GDP of $4.3 billion. 

Internet penetration and Online habits in Armenia

1.98 million people in Armenia, or 66.5% of the population, used the Internet in January 2022, according to DataReportal. As of December 2021, Armenia had an average internet speed of 24.9 Mbps, placing it 77th in the world. 

In January 2022, Facebook (1.3 million users), YouTube (1.0 million users), Instagram (0.9 million users), TikTok (0.6 million users), and Twitter (0.3 million users) were the most widely used social media sites in Armenia.  

The top five e-commerce sites in Armenia in January 2022 by number of visits were (0.5 million), (0.4 million), (0.3 million), (0.2 million), and (0.1 million). 

Why use Armenia Residential proxies

There are several reasons why you might want to use Armenia Residential proxies or residential proxies from other countries, such as:

Bypassing geo-restrictions: Depending on your region or IP address, some websites and online services could limit your access to certain content. For instance, if a particular YouTube or Netflix video is unavailable in your country or region, you might not be able to see it. You can use an Armenian residential proxy to access these websites and online services as if you were physically there and take advantage of the same content that local users do.

Scraping data: If certain websites or online services see that you employ a bot or scraper to gather information from their pages, they may restrict or prohibit your requests. For instance, if e-commerce websites have anti-scraping safeguards, you might be unable to retrieve product information or prices from them. You can mask your scraping activity as regular browsing activity from a genuine person in Armenia by utilizing a residential proxy in Armenia, which will help you avoid being discovered or blocked by these websites and online services.

Conducting market research: Some websites and online services could offer different information or insights depending on your location or IP address. If you are based elsewhere, you might not be able to observe how your rivals are marketing or charging for their goods or services to users in Armenia. You can gain vital information for your market research by employing a residential proxy in Armenia to access these websites and online services as if you were an actual user in Armenia.

Where to find a reliable Armenia Residential Proxies Provider

Using Armenia Residential Proxies or a residential proxy from another country can be a great way to access websites and online services without revealing your IP address or identity. This can help you bypass geo-restrictions, scrape data, test websites, conduct market research, and more. 

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