Azerbaijan Residential Proxies

Azerbaijan residential proxies

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Fast and Reliable Azerbaijan residential proxies

Azerbaijan Residential Proxies are IP addresses that internet service providers (ISPs) give to actual devices. While hiding their true IP address and identity, they enable users to access websites and online services from various places and gadgets. Residential proxies can be used for many things, including web scraping, data mining, online marketing, geo-targeting, getting around geo-restrictions and censorship, and safeguarding online privacy.

Azerbaijan is a landlocked nation in eastern Transcaucasia that shares borders with Turkey, Russia, Iran, Armenia, and Georgia. 10.2 million people call it home, and more than 25% reside in Baku, the nation’s capital. 

The Azerbaijani manat (AZN), the country’s unit of account, is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 1.7 AZN to 1 USD.

Cash, debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments are Azerbaijan’s most common payment methods.

Internet penetration and social media in Baku and Azerbaijan

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recently released data showing that Azerbaijan had an internet penetration rate of 81.2% in 2020, exceeding the global average of 53.6%.

Azerbaijan has only about 517,000 unique IP addresses.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest are Azerbaijan’s most widely used social media sites.,,,,, and are the top e-commerce marketplaces.

Why Use Azerbaijan Residential Proxies

Users may want to use residential proxies in Azerbaijan for various reasons. One of them is getting around Baku and Azerbaijan’s internet restrictions. Azerbaijan scored 55 out of 100 in the Freedom House report on internet freedom in 2020, placing it 62nd out of 100 nations. This indicates that the country’s internet environment is “partially free,” with some limitations on online content, access, and user rights.

Users in Baku and Azerbaijan may encounter the following internet restrictions: 

  • Blocking or filtering some websites and online services considered politically sensitive or critical of the government or its allies.
  • Surveillance and monitoring of online activities by state authorities or third parties.
  • Cyberattacks and hacking attempts by state-sponsored or non-state actors.
  • Legal or regulatory barriers that may affect online freedom of expression or privacy.
  • Lack of transparency or accountability regarding internet governance or policies.

Users can get around these restrictions and access any website or online service they want without being seen or tracked by their ISP or anyone else by using residential proxies in Azerbaijan. They can defend their security and privacy online against online threats and intrusion.

Benefits of Using Azerbaijan Residential Proxies

Baku resi proxies and Azerbaijan Residential proxies can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to getting around internet restrictions. Among them are:

Web scraping: Users can collect data from various websites or online sources without being stopped or barred by anti-scraping measures or captchas. They can also scrape information off regional websites or sources only accessible in Baku or Azerbaijan.

Geo-targeting: Users can access websites or online services that are only accessible in Azerbaijan or Baku through geo-targeting, such as streaming services, gaming platforms, e-commerce platforms, etc. In Azerbaijan or Baku, they can also test the performance or functionality of their own websites or online services across various platforms.

Online privacy: Users can prevent websites they visit or use from knowing their real IP address and identity. Additionally, they can avoid being followed or profiled by outside parties like hackers, marketers, and advertisers.

Where to find a reliable provider of residential proxies from Azerbaijan

With the help of residential proxies, users can access any website or online service they desire from various locations and devices while concealing their true IP address and identity. Additionally, they can assist users in getting around Baku and Azerbaijan’s internet restrictions.

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