Belgium Residential Proxies

Belgium Residential Proxies

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Fast and Reliable Belgium Residential Proxies

Belgium Residential Proxies are a great asset in your online performance. You should be familiar with the fundamental facts and statistics regarding the nation and the country to make an informed decision about using Belgium Residential Proxies.

Belgium is a small but densely populated country. As of 20201, its population is approximately 11.5 million, and its GDP is roughly $530 billion. Brussels, which serves as both NATO’s and the European Union’s administrative center, is the nation’s capital.

The euro, which is used by 19 EU nations, is the official currency of Belgium. Bancontact (a debit card system), credit cards (primarily Visa and Mastercard), and online banking are Belgium’s three most used payment methods.

Internet penetration and Online habits in Belgium

Belgium has a high level of internet penetration and usage, with about 95% of the population having access to the internet as of 2019. The average download speed for fixed broadband was 125.67 Mbps, and for mobile internet was 53.82 Mbps.

Belgium has about 4.7 million IPv4 addresses, which account for 0.1% of the world’s total. Belgium’s primary internet service providers are Proximus, Telenet, VOO, Orange, and Scarlet. 

Belgium’s most popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, and WhatsApp. 

Belgium’s most popular e-commerce marketplaces are Amazon,, Coolblue, Zalando, Vinted, eBay, AliExpress, Decathlon, MediaMarkt, and Fnac.

Why use Belgium Residential Proxies

Belgium Residential proxies are proxies that use Belgium IP addresses given to devices like computers or smartphones by internet service providers. By masking your real IP address with a different one from a different location, they enable you to access geo-restricted content and browse the Internet anonymously.

In Belgium, some internet restrictions might necessitate the use of residential proxies. For instance:

The Belgian government, ISPs, or some websites or online services may be restricted or blocked for legal or regulatory reasons. For instance, certain websites or online services may block access from user outside the country.

Depending on the user’s location, some websites or online services offer different prices or promotions. For instance, due to dynamic pricing or market segmentation strategies, some e-commerce sites or travel agencies may charge users from other countires higher fees or present fewer options than users from Belgium.

Anti-bot or anti-scraping safeguards on some websites or online services may stop users from gathering information or carrying out automated tasks. Some social media platforms or search engines, for instance, may cap the number of requests made or block the IP address of users who attempt to scrape data or automate processes using bots or scripts.

Where to find a reliable Belgium Proxy Provider

Our Belgium resi proxies suit everyone, whether you’re a busy professional who needs to manage several projects online or a social media enthusiast who wants to explore the newest trends and content.

Rotating residential proxies are an effective tool that can help you access geo-restricted content and browse the web anonymously by replacing your actual IP address with one from another location. There are plenty of residential proxy providers, but they are not equal.

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