Brazil Residential Proxies

Brazil Residential Proxies

Brazil Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 697,000 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Brazil Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Brazil Residential Proxies

Brazil’s population is about 213 million, and its GDP will be $1.4 trillion in 2020. The nation’s official currency is the Brazilian real (BRL), divided into 100 centavos.

Rio de Janeiro, which has a population of roughly 13.5 million, is the second-largest city in Brazil after So Paulo. In addition, it is a significant tourist destination and resort area, hosting various cultural and sporting events like the annual carnival and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Internet penetration and Online habits in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro

Brazil had 165.3 million internet users in January 2022, or 77% of the country’s population, according to DataReportal. In December 2021, the average internet speed in Brazil was 24 Mbps for mobile connections and 32 Mbps for fixed broadband.

WhatsApp (used by 91% of internet users in Brazil), YouTube (90%), Facebook (88%), Instagram (79%), and Facebook Messenger (69%), were the most widely used social media platforms. 

Internet users preferred Mercado Livre (68%), Americanas (49%), Magazine Luiza (38%), Amazon (35%), and Casas Bahia (30%) over other online stores.

Why use Brazil Residential proxies

Brazil Residential Proxies are proxies that use IP addresses from actual devices, like computers, mobile phones, or smart TVs, connected to residential networks. They are not the same as datacenter proxies, which use the IP addresses of servers housed in data centers. 

Residential proxies are particularly helpful for online activities that demand high anonymity, geo-targeting, or getting around restrictions, such as:

Web scraping: Web scraping is extracting data from websites for various reasons, including content aggregation, price comparison, market research, and SEO analysis. Because many websites have anti-scraping safeguards that prevent or restrict automated requests from bots, web scraping can be difficult. Brazil Residential proxies can assist web scrapers by using different IP addresses for each request and imitating actual user behavior to avoid detection and blocking by websites.

Social media management: Social media management is creating, disseminating, and keeping track of content on social media sites for personal or business objectives like lead generation, customer engagement, or brand awareness. Because many platforms have strict guidelines and restrictions on the number of accounts you can create or manage from a single device or IP address, managing social media accounts can be challenging. By using different IP addresses for each account and avoiding account suspension or verification, residential proxies can assist social media managers in setting up and managing multiple accounts across various platforms.

Online shopping: Online retailers or marketplaces are where consumers purchase goods or services for their use or business purposes. Online shopping can be challenging because many websites use dynamic pricing strategies that alter product prices based on various variables, such as location, demand, or time. Residential proxies can assist online shoppers in locating the best discounts and deals by utilizing different IP addresses from multiple locations and comparing the costs of goods on various websites.

Benefits of using Brazil Residential proxies

If you want to access or scrape websites from Brazil or Rio de Janeiro, you should use Brazil residential proxies. Brazil residential proxies are residential proxies that use IP addresses from Brazil, specifically from devices connected to Brazilian internet service providers. Brazil residential proxies offer several benefits, such as:

Accessing geo-restricted content: You can use Brazil residential proxies to access websites or content, such as regional news, media, or entertainment, that is only accessible in Brazil or Rio de Janeiro. For instance, you can watch Brazilian TV shows or movies on Netflix, Globo, or Globoplay using Brazil residential proxies.

Performing local market research: You can conduct market research on Brazilian websites or platforms, like e-commerce, social media, or search engines, using Brazil residential proxies. For instance, using Brazil residential proxies, you can scrape product prices, reviews, or ratings from Mercado Livre, Americanas, or Magazine Luiza.

Testing software localization: Using Brazil residential proxies, you can test the functionality, layout, and design of your software or website in Brazil or Rio de Janeiro. For instance, you can test your website’s compatibility with Brazilian browsers, devices, or payment methods using Brazil residential proxies.

Brazil Residential proxies are a powerful tool for online activities that require high anonymity, geo-targeting, or bypassing restrictions. If you want to access or scrape websites from Brazil or Rio de Janeiro, you should use Rio de Janeiro and Brazil resi proxies. 

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