Cambodia Residential Proxies

Cambodia Residential Proxies

Cambodia Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 41 529 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Cambodia Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Cambodia Residential Proxies

Cambodia Residential Proxies are an asset in your browsing experience. You should be familiar with some statistics and information about the country to make the most out of them. 

With a population of roughly 16.9 million, a GDP of $27.2 billion, and a currency known as the Riel (KHR), Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia. 

The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. With a population of roughly 2.3 million, it serves as the nation’s political, economic, and cultural hub. 

Internet penetration and social media in Cambodia

Social media usage and internet penetration have grown significantly in Cambodia in recent years. In January 2021, there were 22.7 million internet users in Cambodia, or 135% of the country’s population, according to DataReportal. Because many people use multiple SIM cards and mobile devices, there are more internet connections than people in the nation. In December 2020, Cambodia’s internet speed was 17.7 Mbps, less than the 40.7 Mbps global average.  

In Cambodia, social media is also viral, particularly with young people who use it for commerce, education, entertainment, and communication. In January 2021, there were 13 million social media users in Cambodia or 77% of the country’s population. Facebook (12.8 million users), YouTube (9.6 million users), Instagram (3 million users), TikTok (2.8 million users), and Twitter (1.4 million users) are the most popular social media networks in Cambodia. 

Another emerging trend in Cambodia is e-commerce, as more people shop online due to its affordability, convenience, and variety. In January 2021, Cambodia had 5.5 million online shoppers or 33% of the country’s total population. Amazon (0.8 million users), eBay (0.6 million users), Shopee (1.5 million users), Lazada (1.6 million users), and AliExpress (1.9 million users) are the most popular e-commerce marketplaces in Cambodia. 

Why use Cambodia Residential proxies

By serving as a middleman between your device and the Internet, a proxy server enables you to access websites and online services using a different IP address or location than your own. An IP address from a residential network, such as an ISP or a Wi-Fi router at home, is used by a Cambodia residential proxy. Unlike web or data center proxies, residential proxies are more trustworthy, safe, and genuine.

You should use a Cambodia residential proxy or a proxy from another country for many reasons. For example:

  • You can access geo-restricted content or services only available in Cambodia or from Cambodia.
  • You should bypass censorship or firewalls blocking specific websites or online services in your location or Cambodia.
  • You should scrape data or collect information from websites or online services based in Cambodia or target Cambodian users.
  • You should test or monitor your website’s or online service’s performance or functionality from different locations or IP addresses in Cambodia.
  • You should protect your privacy or anonymity online by hiding your IP address or location from websites or services that track or collect your data.

Where to find a reliable Cambodia Residential Proxies provider

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