Canada Residential Proxies

Canada Residential Proxies

Canada Residential Proxies 

You can improve your online performance using our Canada Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Canada Residential Proxies

Canada Residential Proxies are Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that Internet service providers (ISPs) have assigned to residential customers in Canada. They enable you to browse the Internet as if you were a user from a particular place, allowing you to avoid being detected by websites and circumvent geo-restriction limits.

The GDP of Canada is approximately 1.8 trillion USD, while the country’s population is about 38 million people. The Canadian dollar (CAD) is the unit of currency used in this country. 

Ottawa is in the Canadian province of Ontario, serving as the nation’s capital. It has a GDP of approximately 76.6 billion Canadian Dollars and a population of roughly 1 million people. The city is a cultural crossroads thanks to its abundance of museums, art galleries, festivals, and historic buildings.

Internet penetration and Online habits in Canada

Approximately 35 million people are connected to the Internet in Canada, contributing to the country’s high internet penetration rate of 91%. The nation has more than 18 million IP addresses, equivalent to 0.4% of worldwide IPs. 

The average internet speed in Canada is 133 Mbps, significantly higher than the average speed of internet connections worldwide, which is 96 Mbps. 

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, and Tumblr are the ten social media networks with the most users in Canada.,,,,,,,,, and are the online marketplaces in Canada that receive the most significant traffic and are among the most well-known.

Why use Canada Residential Proxies

You might want to use Canada residential proxies for your online activities for many reasons. Some of them are:

To access geo-blocked content from Canadian websites or streaming services, such as CBC, CTV, Global TV, Crave TV, Sportsnet, TSN, etc.

To scrape data from Canadian websites or platforms without being blocked or banned by anti-bot measures.

To monitor your brand reputation or competitors’ activities on Canadian social media or e-commerce platforms.

To test your website or app performance or functionality from different locations in Canada.

To buy products or services from Canadian online stores at local prices or with local payment methods.

Where to find a reliable Provider of Canada Residential Proxies

Accessing the Internet from within Canada without being subject to any restrictions or taking any associated risks is possible through Canada residential rotating proxies. It doesn’t matter if you want to scrape data, monitor social media, shop for products online, or test the operation of your website from multiple places in Canada — Ottawa residential proxies can assist you in accomplishing all these tasks more quickly and with less effort.

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