Costa Rica Residential Proxies

Costa Rica Residential Proxies

Costa Rica Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 9200 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Costa Rica Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Costa Rica Residential Proxies

Costa Rica Residential Proxies are an asset in your browsing experience. You should be familiar with some statistics and information about the country to make the most out of them. 

About 5 million people live in the Central American nation of Costa Rica. It’s renowned for its abundant biodiversity, stable democracy, and excellent standard of living. The colón is the currency of Costa Rica, and the country’s GDP is about $12,000 per person. 

Costa Rica’s most significant capital city, San José, is the nation’s political, business, and culture hub. The population of San José is approximately 340,000, with a metropolitan area housing over 2 million people. 

Internet penetration and social media in Costa Rica

In 2020, 88% of Costa Ricans were online, indicating a high level of internet penetration in the country. An estimated 1.8 million distinct IP addresses exist in Costa Rica, and the country’s average internet speed is 11 Mbps. 

Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the most widely used social media networks in Costa Rica. Seventy percent of Costa Ricans, or 3.6 million people, were active social media users in 2020, according to a report by We Are Social. 

These are the most well-known online stores in Costa Rica: eBay, Mercado Libre, Amazon, Walmart, OLX, and Amazon. Costa Rica’s e-commerce revenue is projected to grow at an annual rate of 9%, with a reported value of $1.2 billion in 2020, according to Statista. 

Why use Costa Rica residential proxies

A Costa Rica residential proxy is an IP address belonging to a real device, such as a computer or a smartphone, connected to a residential network. One of the reasons you may want to use Costa Rica or San Jose residential proxies is to overcome the internet limitations in Costa Rica. For example:

  • You may want to access geo-restricted content or services only available in certain countries or regions.
  • You should bypass censorship or firewalls that block or filter certain websites or content.
  • You should avoid online tracking or surveillance by third parties that monitor your online activity or collect your data.

Benefits of using Costa Rica residential proxies

Using Costa Rica residential proxies can help you with various use cases and activities online, such as:

  • Web scraping: You can collect data from websites relevant to your business or research needs, such as prices, reviews, products, competitors, etc.
  • Social media marketing: You can manage multiple accounts on different platforms, create engaging content, interact with your audience, monitor your performance, etc.
  • SEO: You can optimize your website for search engines, analyze keywords, check rankings, audit backlinks, etc.
  • E-commerce: You can compare prices, check availability, test products or services, verify ads or listings, etc.
  • Gaming: You can access games unavailable in your region, play with friends from other countries, avoid bans or restrictions, etc.
  • Web browsing: You can surf the web anonymously and securely without revealing your identity or location.

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