Italy Residential Proxies

Italy Residential Proxies

Our Italy Proxy pool has to offer about 19,800 Italy Residential Proxies.

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Fast and Reliable Italy Residential Proxies

Knowing the fundamental facts and statistics about the nation and the country will help you decide whether to use Italy Residential Proxies.

The southern European nation of Italy will have a population of about 60 million and a GDP of $1.85 trillion in 2020. It belongs to the Schengen Area, the Eurozone, and the European Union. Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and services comprise its main economic sectors. The euro (EUR) is its official currency, and credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and cash on delivery are some of the commonly used payment methods.

Italy’s capital and largest city, Rome, also serves as the nation’s historical and cultural hub. It is situated on the Tiber River in the central-western region of the Italian peninsula. Its population is estimated to be 2.8 million, and its GDP was $144 billion in 2019. Additionally, it serves as the capital of the Vatican City, the world’s smallest nation, and the seat of the Roman Catholic Church.

Italy overview

IP addresses, known as residential proxies, are given to homeowners by internet service providers (ISPs). Since they are connected to places and things, they appear to be actual users and are challenging to identify as proxies. Italy Residential proxies can be used for various purposes, including accessing geo-restricted content, evading censorship, data mining, market research, and more.

In 2020, 93% of Italy’s population had internet access, making it a country with a high internet penetration rate. According to Statista, the most widely used social media platforms in Italy are:



Usage reach in Rome

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Groupon, Amazon, eBay, Zalando, and ePRICE are the most well-known online stores.

Why use Italy Residential Proxies

For several reasons, you may use Italy residential proxies for your online activities in Italy. Among them are:

Access geo-restricted content from Italian websites or platforms that is available and only accessible to Italian users. For instance, Sky Go Italia, Rai Play, Mediaset Play, or Netflix Italy may all have Italian TV shows or films you’d like to watch.

To bypass censorship or firewalls that prevent access to websites or content in your area. For instance, you might want to access adult or gambling websites if those are prohibited in your nation.

To scrape data from Italian websites or platforms without getting blocked or banned by anti-scraping measures. For instance, gather data from e-commerce websites like or about products, prices, reviews, or contact information.

To conduct market research or competitive analysis. For instance, you should monitor user activity, tastes, trends, or comments on social media websites like or

To test or optimize your website or app performance or functionality for Italian users or markets. For instance, assess your website’s user experience, layout, and speed for various devices or browsers in Italy.

Benefits of using Italy Residential Proxies

Using Italy residential proxies can offer you several advantages for your online activities. Among them are:

  • Anonymity: If you use a residential proxy in Italy, the websites or platforms you visit won’t be able to identify your actual IP address or location. This can safeguard your online privacy and security and stop third parties from tracking or targeting you without your consent.
  • Reliability: Residential proxy servers in Italy can give you dependable connections to the websites or platforms you use. Doing so can enhance your online experience and prevent any interruptions or errors brought on by shady proxies.
  • Accuracy: Rotating residential proxies can give you precise and pertinent information from your websites or platforms. This can improve the validity and quality of your data for research and analysis purposes.
  • Flexibility: Residential proxies in Italy can offer you a range of choices and features to meet your requirements and preferences. You can select from various proxy types (HTTP or SOCKS5), locations (country, city, or ISP), and subscription or pay-as-you-go pricing options.

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Rotating residential proxies can be used to get around geographic restrictions, get around censorship, scrape data, do market research, evaluate the performance of websites, and more. Additionally, they can give you flexibility, dependability, accuracy, and anonymity for your online activities.

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