Malaysia Residential Proxies

Malaysia Residential Proxies

Malaysia Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to about 26 030 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Malaysia Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Malaysia Residential Proxies

Malaysia Residential Proxies are an asset in your browsing experience. To make the most of them, you should be familiar with statistics and information about the country. 

In 2023, there will be roughly 32.99 million people living in Malaysia. The population of its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is estimated by Britannica to be 1.98 million as of the 2020s. In 2020, Malaysia’s GDP reached $365.3 billion, making it the 40th largest in the world. The ringgit (MYR) is the currency of Malaysia. As of September 2023, 1 USD is equivalent to 4.647 MYR. 

Cash on delivery, e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, and online banking are some of Malaysia’s commonly used payment methods. Online banking and e-wallets were the most popular payment methods for online shopping in Malaysia in 2020, according to Statista. Credit cards topped the list. Boost, GrabPay, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, and BigPay are a few of the top Malaysian e-wallet providers.

Internet penetration and social media in Malaysia

Like its neighbor Singapore, Malaysia has a high internet penetration rate of 90%. In January 2022, there were 29.55 million internet users in Malaysia. As of November 2021, Malaysia’s average fixed broadband internet speed was 114.08 Mbit/s. There are 6.3 million distinct IP addresses in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, social media is also widely used; as of January 2022, there were 29 million active users. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and YouTube are the most widely used in Malaysia. Malaysians use social media for three hours a day on average.

In Malaysia, e-commerce is experiencing significant growth, as 75% of internet users allocate their financial resources towards online shopping. The most well-known online stores in Malaysia are PG Mall, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and

Why use Malaysia Residential proxies

Malaysia Residential proxies are IP addresses that internet service providers (ISPs) assign to residential users. Residential proxies are reliable and secure. They are not very likely to be detected and blocked by websites.

Using Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur residential proxies can offer many benefits for online use cases and activities. Some of these benefits are:

Web scraping: obtaining information from websites for various uses, including content aggregation, sentiment analysis, price comparison, and market research. Web scraping can be difficult because some websites may have anti-scraping policies that restrict or prohibit automated data extraction. Web scrapers can access any website without being discovered or blocked by using Malaysia resi proxies. Additionally, they can scrape local data from Malaysian websites that foreign users might need help accessing.

Social media marketing: Utilizing social media platforms to advertise a brand, service, product, or cause. Because social media marketing can reach a wide range of online audiences, it can be pretty successful. On the other hand, specific social media sites have rules or limitations that restrict user behavior or content. Social media marketers can set up and maintain numerous accounts on various platforms without getting reported or banned by using residential proxies from Malaysia. Additionally, they can learn more about their tastes and habits by focusing on and interacting with the Malaysian audience.

Online shopping: purchasing products or services. Online retailers can provide a large selection of goods at competitive prices, making shopping online practical and economical. However, depending on the buyer’s location, some online sellers might charge different prices for the same item. This is referred to as dynamic pricing or price discrimination. Online shoppers can access and compare the best prices for the products they want from various websites using residential proxies from Malaysia. Additionally, they can access special offers or discounts that might only be available to Malaysian consumers.

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