Mozambique Residential Proxies

Mozambique Residential Proxies

Mozambique Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 3600 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Mozambique Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Mozambique Residential Proxies

Mozambique Residential Proxies are an asset in your browsing experience. You should be familiar with some statistics and information about the country to make the most out of them.  

The population of Mozambique, a nation in Southeast Africa, is approximately 31.26 million. The Mozambican metical is the official currency, and bank cards, cash, and mobile money are the most used forms of payment. The GDP per capita of the nation is 448.61 USD, with a total GDP of 14.02 billion USD.

Mozambique’s capital and largest city, Maputo, is home to roughly 1.09 million people. Being a port city, Maputo’s economy is based mainly on trade. It is renowned for its unique, eclectic architecture and thriving cultural scene.

Internet penetration and social media in Mozambique

In January 2021, Mozambique had 6.72 million internet users, or 21.2% of the country’s total population, according to DataReportal. Mozambique’s average internet speed is 5.3 Mbps, less than the 24.1 Mbps global average.

With 343,296 unique IP addresses, Mozambique has 0.002% of all IP addresses worldwide, or 945 IP addresses for every 14 citizens. This indicates that Mozambique has a low IP address availability, which may restrict access to some websites and online services.

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube are Mozambique’s most widely used social media networks. Club Of Mozambique, OLX, Bidorbuy, and Jumia are the most well-known online stores.

Why use Mozambique Residential proxies

Mozambique Residential proxies are IP addresses that internet service providers (ISPs) assign to real devices. Compared to other proxy types, like datacenter proxies, residential proxies have the following advantages: 

  • They are more dependable and are less likely to be detected or blocked by websites and online services.
  • Because they conceal your IP address and location, they provide greater anonymity and privacy.
  • They let you appear as a local user from any country you choose, which enables you to get around censorship and access geo-restricted content.

In Mozambique, some internet limitations exist, such as:

  • Low availability of IP addresses, which can restrict access to some websites and online services.
  • Low internet speed can affect online activities’ performance and quality.
  • Geo-restrictions and censorship can prevent access to content and information.

You can overcome these limitations using Mozambique residential proxies and enjoy the benefits of browsing and doing business.

Benefits of using Mozambique Residential proxies

There are many use cases and activities that you can implement with Mozambique residential proxies, such as:

  • Web scraping: You can collect data from any website or online source without being blocked or banned.
  • Social media marketing: You can create and manage multiple accounts on different social media platforms without being detected or suspended.
  • View botting: You can increase the views, likes, comments, and subscribers on your videos or channels without being flagged or penalized.
  • Scraping educational: You can access educational content and resources only available in Mozambique or other countries.
  • Gaming: You can play online games only available in Mozambique or other regions without lag or latency issues.
  • Web browsing: You can browse the web anonymously and securely without exposing your IP address or location.

You can use residential proxies for various purposes and get around the country’s internet restrictions by using Mozambique and Maputo residential proxies. Using residential proxies, you can obtain geo-restricted content and information, as well as anonymity, privacy, and dependability.

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