Netherlands Residential Proxies

Netherlands Residential Proxies

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Fast and Reliable Netherlands Residential Proxies

Netherlands Residential Proxies are an asset in your online experience in the Netherlands. To know how to benefit from using them, you should have the primary information and statistics about the country and the nation.

The Netherlands is the 12th most populous nation in the European Union, with a population of roughly 17.5 million. The nation has a strong economy, a stable democracy, and a high standard of living. The largest and most populated city in the nation is Amsterdam, its capital.

The Netherlands is the 17th largest economy in the world, with a GDP of about $912 billion. The service sector, which includes banking, tourism, transportation, and health care, contributes about 80% of the GDP.

The euro (EUR), also used by 19 other EU nations, is the official currency of the Netherlands. Debit cards, credit cards, online banking, and mobile payments are the most frequently used payment options. 

Internet penetration rate and online habits in the Netherlands

With about 96% of the population using the internet and 85% owning smartphones, the Netherlands has high internet penetration and digitalization.

One of the best internet infrastructures in the world, with quick speeds, affordable prices, and high reliability, is found in the Netherlands. The average fixed broadband speed in the Netherlands is 152 Mbps for download and 48 Mbps for upload, according to The typical mobile download and upload speeds are 68 Mbps and 18 Mbps, respectively.

Around 8 million IPv4 and 20 million IPv6 addresses, or 0.2% and 0.3% of all IP addresses worldwide, respectively, are assigned to the Netherlands. With 0.5 IP addresses per person, the Netherlands has a high IP address density, meaning there are more IP addresses than residents.

Online users from the Netherlands are numerous, diverse, and active, participating in various social media platforms and e-commerce sites. As of January 2021, YouTube (86%), WhatsApp (85%), Facebook (77%), Instagram (66%), LinkedIn (53%), Pinterest (40%), Twitter (34%), TikTok (28%), Snapchat (25%), and Reddit (16%) were the ten most popular social media platforms in the Netherlands, according to Statista.

The most well-known online shopping sites in the Netherlands as of December 2020 are, Coolblue,, Zalando,, Wehkamp,,, Albert Heijn Online, and AliExpress, according to Ecommerce News.

Why use Netherlands Residential proxies

There are numerous justifications for using Amsterdam and Netherlands residential proxies. For instance:

Accessing geo-restricted content or services that are only available in the Netherlands or parts of the country may be something you want to do.

Scraping data from Dutch websites or platforms without getting caught or blocked by anti-scraping tools.

Testing the performance of your app or website from various Dutch locations.

Double-checking or improving your online marketing efforts in the Dutch market.

Scrutinizing Dutch customers or companies’ competitors through market research.

Benefits of buying Netherlands Residential proxies

Buying Netherlands Residential Proxies can offer you many benefits, such as:

  • Any website or platform that is only accessible to visitors from the Netherlands or parts of the country can be accessed by circumventing geo-blocking.
  • Captchas and IP bans that restrict online activity or data collection are avoidable.
  • You can frequently rotate your IP address to ensure that you always have a current and functional proxy.
  • You can pick from a sizable pool of IP addresses that span numerous Dutch locations and ISPs.
  • You can benefit from high bandwidth, low latency, and fast internet connection.
  • By obscuring your actual IP address and encrypting your traffic, you can safeguard your online privacy and security.

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