New Zealand Residential Proxies

New Zealand Residential Proxies

New Zealand Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 2080 units.

You can improve your online performance using our New Zealand Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable New Zealand Residential Proxies

New Zealand Residential Proxies are an asset in your browsing experience. To make the most of them, you should be familiar with statistics and information about the country. 

The populace of New Zealand is approximately 5 million. As of March 2023, the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) was $385 billion, indicating its stability and prosperity. 

Auckland, home to about 1.7 million people, is the most extensive and most populated city in New Zealand. It is a center for business, education, tourism, and culture on the North Island. Auckland is home to over 200 ethnic groups, making it one of the world’s most diverse cities. 

The New Zealand dollar (NZD), split into 100 cents, is the unit of money used in New Zealand. As of September 2023, one New Zealand dollar is worth 0.69 US dollars. 

In New Zealand, debit cards, credit cards, Internet banking, and mobile wallets are the most used payment methods. 88% of New Zealanders use debit cards, 76% use credit cards, 63% use online banking, and 37% use mobile wallets, per a Finder poll conducted in 2022. 

Internet penetration and social media in New Zealand

As of January 2021, 94% of people in New Zealand had access to the Internet, indicating a high level of Internet penetration in the country. In New Zealand, fixed broadband users typically experience download speeds of 110.72 Mbit/s and upload speeds of 70.32 Mbit/s.  

With 6,954,496 unique IP addresses, New Zealand accounts for 0.20 percent of all IP addresses worldwide.

In New Zealand, there are over 80 Internet service providers (ISPs); nonetheless, Spark and Vodafone hold a three-quarters market share. 

New Zealanders widely use social media; as of January 2021, 82% of the country’s population was active on these platforms. 

In New Zealand, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok are the most widely used social media networks. 

Online shopping is also popular in New Zealand, where in 2020, it will make up 9% of all retail sales. Trade Me, Amazon, The Warehouse Group, Mighty Ape, Countdown, Kmart, Farmers, Noel Leeming Group, Briscoe Group, and Harvey Norman are the most well-known online retailers in New Zealand. 

Why use New Zealand residential proxies

A residential proxy is a type of proxy server that uses an actual IP address from a residential ISP. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the Internet, allowing you to access websites and online services from different locations and with different identities.

There are several reasons why you might want to use a residential proxy in New Zealand:

  • To bypass geo-restrictions and access content only available in New Zealand or other countries.
  • To protect your privacy and anonymity online by hiding your IP address and location.
  • To scrape data from websites blocking or limiting requests from non-residential or foreign IPs.
  • To test the performance and functionality of your website or app from different locations and devices.
  • To conduct market research and competitor analysis by accessing local information and prices.
  • To create and manage multiple social media accounts without getting banned or flagged.

New Zealand is a stunning and wealthy nation with a high rate of social media use and Internet penetration. New Zealand does, however, also face certain Internet-related constraints, including but not limited to geo-restrictions, privacy hazards, data scraping difficulties, website testing issues, challenges with market research, and social media management issues.

You can get around these restrictions and take advantage of the advantages of using residential proxies in New Zealand to access the Internet from various locations and under different identities. In addition, residential proxies can assist you with data collection, website testing, market research, privacy protection, and social media account management.

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