Romania Residential Proxies for your seamless online experience

Romania Residential Proxies

Romania Residential Proxies

Romania Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 16 320 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Romania Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and reliable Romania Residential Proxies

Given the size of the Romanian economy and country, Romania residential proxies can be an asset in your online performance.

The southeast European nation of Romania has a population of about 19 million. Bucharest, the nation’s largest city and capital, serves as the nation’s commercial, political, and cultural hub. Located on the banks of the Dâmbovița River, a tributary of the Danube, Bucharest is home to about 2 million people.

Various economic sectors, including agriculture, industry, services, and tourism, influence Romania’s GDP. With a projected GDP of $250 billion in 2020, Romania will have the 12th-largest European Union (EU) economy. 

The country’s official currency is the Romanian leu (RON) divided into 100 bani. As of January 2022, 1 USD was equal to 4.49 RON.

Cash, debit cards, credit cards, online banking, and mobile payments are some of Romania’s most used payment methods. 

In Romania, cash accounted for 54% of transactions in 2020, followed by debit cards (28%), credit cards (11%), online banking (4%), and mobile payments (3%), according to a Statista report. 

The same report also stated that Pay, PayU, MobilPay, Netopia Payments, and Stripe were Romania’s top online payment processors.

Romania online environment overview

To make a sound judgment on how to benefit from using Romania Residential Proxies, you should know the primary information and statistics about the country and the nation.

Romania Residential proxies are IP addresses that Romanian internet service providers (ISPs) give to actual devices. They enable users to access websites and online services using various identities and locations. Residential proxies can be used for multiple tasks, including web scraping, data mining, circumventing geo-restrictions, enhancing online security, digital marketing, and more.

Residential proxies are supported by the developed internet infrastructure in Romania. DataReportal estimates that 18.8 million people in Romania will use the internet in 2022 for a 97% penetration rate. 

12,7 million unique IP addresses are found in Romania, which accounts for 0.3% of all IP addresses worldwide.

Romania has among the fastest internet speeds in the world, with a median fixed connection speed of 124.36 Mbps. Via cellular networks, the average mobile internet connection speed was 33.76 Mbps.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Telegram were Romania’s top social media sites in 2022. 

Romania’s top e-commerce sites in 2022 included,,, Fashion, and

Why use Romania Residential Proxies

There are specific reasons why you need to utilize Romania residential proxies. Romania still has some internet restrictions that can impact online users, despite having a high internet penetration rate and fast internet speed. Some of these restrictions include:

Geo-blocking: Some websites and online services impose access restrictions on visitors from nations or regions based on users’ IP addresses. For instance, streaming services like Netflix or Hulu may offer different content libraries or prices depending on the user’s location. Users can access these websites and services as though they were in Romania or Bucharest by using a residential proxy from that nation or city.

Web scraping: Users who attempt to collect data from websites’ pages using automated tools or scripts risk having their access blocked or otherwise restricted. As a result, users might need help accessing important data like product specifications, prices, and reviews. Users can avoid detection and scrape data from these websites without limitations by using a residential proxy server in Romania or Bucharest.

Online safety: Some websites may track or keep an eye on users’ online activities based on their IP addresses. Users’ privacy may be jeopardized, and they may be vulnerable to identity theft or cyberattacks. Users can conceal their real IP addresses and browse the web anonymously and securely by employing a residential proxy server in Romania or Bucharest.

Unmatched features of our Romania Residential proxies

When it comes to the Romania residential proxy network, signing up with us gives you access to some great features that no one else has to offer:

No Expiration: You can use our rotating residential proxies for Bucharest and Romania whenever needed because they never expire.

Flexibility: We value your convenience and flexibility, so we won’t charge you more if you use multiple IPs. You are not charged more each time your IP address changes.

Unlimited Choices: We don’t limit the connections you can make to any of our Bucharest and Vienna residential proxies because giving you limitless options is essential. You can easily connect to as many computers or software programs as possible.

Our Romania resi proxies suit everyone, whether you’re a busy professional who needs to manage several projects online or a social media enthusiast who wants to explore the newest trends and content.

For online users who want to access websites and online services from different locations and with different identities, using Romania or Bucharest resi proxies can be a great option. Users can benefit from high speed, reliability, affordability, availability, diversity, and flexibility from residential proxies from Romania or Bucharest. 

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