Rwanda Residential Proxies

Rwanda Residential Proxies

Rwanda Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 223 170 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Rwanda Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Rwanda Residential Proxies

Rwanda Residential Proxies are an asset in your browsing experience. You should be familiar with some statistics and information about the country to make the most of them.

Rwanda is a tiny nation located in east-central Africa that is landlocked. As of 2020, it has a population of roughly 13 million and a GDP of $10.6 billion. The Rwandan franc (RWF) is the country’s currency, and cash, debit cards, and mobile money are the most used forms of payment.

Rwanda’s capital and largest city, Kigali, is close to the nation’s geographic center. With a population estimated at 1.2 million, it serves as Rwanda’s center for politics, economy, and culture. 

Internet penetration and social media in Rwanda

DataReportal estimates that there were 4.1 million internet users in Rwanda as of January 2021, representing a 31.4% internet penetration rate. Flipnode estimates that as of November 2021, Rwanda had 2,910 distinct IP addresses. As of September 2021, 9.9 Mbps was Rwanda’s average internet speed, according to Speedtest.

According to DataReportal, as of January 2021, the most popular social media platforms in Rwanda are WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with 3.8 million, 2.8 million, 2.7 million, 1.5 million, and 0.9 million users, respectively. 

SimilarWeb indicates that Jumia, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay are Rwanda’s most well-liked e-commerce sites. 

Why use Rwanda residential proxies

Rwanda residential proxies are proxy servers using real IP addresses provided by internet service providers (ISPs). Residential proxies are more reliable and secure than others because websites are less likely to detect or block them. They mimic the behavior of a real Internet user and make it appear that you are acting from a different location.

Using Rwanda residential proxies can offer you many benefits for various use cases and activities, such as:

  • Ad verification: You can verify that your advertisements are shown appropriately and successfully on Rwandan websites and social media channels, as well as look for any fraud that might damage the reputation or sales of your company. 
  • Market research: You can gather and examine information about consumer behavior, preferences, trends, prices, products, and more from the websites of competitors or Rwandan e-commerce platforms. 
  • SEO monitoring: You can monitor the SEO tactics and keyword usage of your rivals and track and improve your website’s performance and ranking on Rwandan search engines and directories.
  • Brand protection: You can defend your intellectual property and brand image against piracy, counterfeiting, trademark infringement, and unfavorable comments on Rwandan social media sites or websites.
  • Web scraping: With rotating residential proxies, you can scrape data from any website or source without facing blocking or rate-limiting because your IP address changes with each request.

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