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Slovakia residential proxies

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Fast and reliable Slovakia Residential Proxies

Slovakia Residential Proxies are an asset in your online journey. You should be familiar with the fundamental facts and statistics regarding the nation and the country to make the most of them.

The capital and largest city of Slovakia, a landlocked nation in Central Europe, is Bratislava. Although more than 660,000 people live in Bratislava, the formal population number is around 475,000. 

The European Union, the Eurozone, the Schengen Area, NATO, and other international organizations all include Slovakia as a member. It has a population of more than 5.4 million population and a land area of around 49,000 square kilometers. 

Automobiles, electronics, engineering, energy, chemicals, tourism, and agriculture make up most of the economy in Slovakia. In 2023, the GDP per capita (PPP) was projected to be $41,515, placing the country at 48 in the world. The euro (€) is the local currency.  

Internet penetration and online habits in Slovakia

The most recent information from 2020 shows that Slovakia has an internet penetration rate of 88% or roughly 4.8 million users. This was higher than the 87% average for the EU. 

Slovakia has roughly 6 million internet protocol (IP) addresses or 0.1% of all IP addresses in the globe. Slovakia ranked 29th and 30th in the world for its fixed broadband average internet speed, 67 Mbps, and its mobile broadband average, 37 Mbps.  

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter were Slovakia’s most widely used social media sites as of January 2021. Facebook had more than 3 million active members at that time. 

According to Alexa rankings from August 2021, the most popular websites in Slovakia were,,,, and According to SimilarWeb data from July 2021, the most popular online stores in Slovakia were,,,, and   

Why use Slovakia Residential proxies

Slovakia Residential Proxies use genuine IP addresses given to residential users by an internet service provider (ISP). Slovakia and Bratislava Resi Proxies are reliable. They are less likely to be blocked by websites or programs imposing access restrictions based on geolocation.

Slovakia Residential proxies have several advantages for various online activities or tasks. Among them are:

You can access geo-restricted content or services from Slovakia. 

You can bypass censorship and firewalls that bar you from Slovakian websites or information.

You can protect your online privacy and anonymity from programs that track or monitor your online behavior or personal data. 

You can perform web scraping or data extraction from Slovak websites or sources.

You can test or monitor the operation or performance of your website or application.

Where to find Slovakia residential proxies provider

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