Togo Residential Proxies

Togo Residential Proxies

Togo Residential Proxies in our proxy pool amount to 3475 units.

You can improve your online performance using our Togo Residential Proxy Network.

Fast and Reliable Togo Residential Proxies

Togo Residential Proxies are an asset in your browsing experience. You should be familiar with some statistics and information about the country to make the most of them.

About 8.9 million people live in the tiny West African nation of Togo. In 2020, its GDP (PPP) increased at a rate of 4.3% to reach $20.1 billion. The official currency is the West African CFA franc (XOF), which has a fixed exchange rate of 655.957 XOF per EUR. In Togo, bank cards, mobile money, and cash are the three most used forms of payment.

Internet penetration and social media in Togo

According to DataReportal, there were 3.13 million internet users in Togo at the start of 2023, when the percentage of people using the internet was 35.0%. In January 2023, Togo had 1.6 million distinct IP addresses. In December 2021, Togo’s average internet speed was 4.7 Mbps, less than the 24.8 Mbps global average.

In January 2023, there were 775.6 thousand social media users in Togo or 8.7 percent of the country’s total population. Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and Telegram were the top ten social media sites in Togo. 

The three most well-liked online stores in Togo were Kaymu, Afrimarket, and Jumia.

Why use Togo Residential proxies

Togo residential proxies are proxy servers using real IP addresses provided by internet service providers (ISPs). Residential proxies are more reliable and secure than others because websites are less likely to detect or block them. They mimic the behavior of a real Internet user and make it appear that you are acting from a different location.

Using Togo residential proxies or proxies from other countries when in Togo can help you overcome the existing internet limitations and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access any website or platform blocked or censored in Togo without being detected or traced by the authorities or ISPs.
  • Watch any online content or service unavailable or restricted in Togo by spoofing your location and IP address.
  • Compare prices and products across different e-commerce sites and markets without being affected by price discrimination or geo-targeting.
  • Scrape data and information from any website or source without being blocked or banned by anti-scraping measures or captchas.
  • Protect your online identity and privacy by hiding your IP address and location from hackers, trackers, or malicious actors.

Togo is just one of the many nations and regions where Quick Proxy offers high-quality residential proxies at a reasonable price. Quick Proxy lets you get fast, dependable, secure connections to any website or platform.