Top 10 ways to use proxies for business

This post will look at the Top 10 ways to use residential proxies for business and outperform competitors.

As technology advances, businesses constantly look for ways to stay ahead of the competition. One of the best tools businesses can use to their advantage is the proxy server. Residential proxies use IP addresses assigned by internet service providers to real devices such as computers or smartphones. 

Residential proxies allow you to browse the web anonymously and access geo-restricted content by masking your real IP address with another one from a different location. Residential proxies are more reliable and less detectable than datacenter proxies, which use IP addresses from servers not associated with real users.

Below is our list of the most essential uses of residential proxies in business. But beforehand… 

Why do you need to have your Top 10 ways to use residential proxies for business?

It’s not only about showcasing their clever techniques when you compile a list of the Top 10 ways to use residential proxies for business. It may also say, “Hey, I know what’s up!” It’s like having a secret treasure map showing your business’s assets and liabilities. These proxies are more than just complex tools. They serve as your online companions. They help you find clients you had yet to learn existed, understand your competition, and obtain insight into specialized market areas. The first step to improving your online performance and taking your company to the next level is to provide an answer to the question, “How to benefit from residential proxies?” 

This list is your way of admitting that you need a profound understanding of your business and marketing plan; it serves as your development strategy rather than merely compiling other people’s suggestions.

The list: Top 10 ways to use residential proxies for business.

Now it’s time to disclose the 10 best business practices for residential proxies. It is up to you to choose the chances that are appropriate for your business and that you will take advantage of. The list of the Top 10 ways to use residential proxies for business goes as follows.

Web scraping

Organizations may obtain a lot of data from the web by using web scraping, which is the process of mechanically gathering and sorting data from websites. Using this knowledge, businesses may produce fresh data sets that can be examined and used in various contexts. 

This technique is helpful for businesses looking to keep tabs on web trends, learn more about their competitors, and keep track of client feedback. For instance, companies can use web scraping to gather contact information from potential consumers or clients. This happens in the business-to-business sector when prospective clients submit their company information online for everyone to see. Another instance is the real estate sector, where organizations may acquire real estate listings via web scraping and then examine them for data and insights.

If you want to understand more about Web Scraping, you can reach for our article: Web Scraping Google with Residential Proxies.

Price comparison

Price comparison may be classified as a specific instance of web scraping or a distinct approach. Finding the most terrific bargain involves evaluating the costs of comparable goods and services offered by various sellers and shops. Doing this by visiting many websites and comparing prices is possible, but it takes time and energy. 

To retrieve the information, it would be far more successful if you deployed applications and supported them with residential proxies to avoid IP bans and automatically compile and show pricing data from several sources. The pricing in this data may then be compared, and your company’s strategy might be modified appropriately.

You can find more about price comparison in our article Residential proxies for price monitoring.

Ad verification

Ad verification is the procedure to confirm that a digital advertisement was shown to the target audience in the appropriate setting and website. It enables marketers to ensure that their advertisements appear only on legitimate websites and that their intended audience sees them.

When an ad verification company employs a residential proxy network to test advertising uninterruptedly, it is an example of ad verification in an Internet business operating a residential proxy. The home proxy network allows ad bots to fend off ad fraudsters by continuously changing IP addresses to mask their digital fingerprint and get around IP address bans. 

For instance, an advertising network like Google AdSense may employ a residential proxy network to ensure that the right people are seeing their adverts and being delivered to them.

Market research

Gathering and analyzing data on a market, a product, or a service to better understand customer requirements and preferences is the process of doing market research. It assists companies in comprehending their target market, locating new clients, and making defensible choices about their goods or services.

An illustration of market research in Internet commerce is when a business employs a home proxy network to compile information about the goods of its rivals. Utilizing a residential proxy network, the industry may mask its IP address and pass as a regular user on the targeted websites, avoiding discovery. This permits the business to obtain precise information on the goods of its rivals’ competitors without being stopped or forbidden. For instance, a company may utilize a home proxy network to study the items of its rivals on an online store like Amazon.

Social media management

Do you have a marketing agency handling multiple customers, or do you need more than one social media profile to manage your online activities? 

Social media is becoming crucial for businesses to communicate with customers and promote their products and services. However, social media platforms have measures to prevent automated actions like publishing or leaving comments. Companies may manage many social media profiles using proxies from different IP addresses, which improves engagement with their audience. By employing residential proxies, you can:

  1. Create multiple accounts on each social media you need.
  2. Manage your accounts simultaneously.
  3. Automate social media management in popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

If you need to understand more on this topic, we can give you an example with our article How to use Residential proxies for Twitter Automation.

Improved security

Proxy servers boost the security of company networks by offering an additional line of protection against hackers. Businesses that route internet traffic through a proxy server can hide their IP addresses and protect their networks from hackers. Proxy servers can prevent staff members from viewing illegal information and limit access to hazardous websites.

As we have explained in detail in our blog, you can use residential proxies for Protecting Against DDoS Attacks and Protecting Against Malware and Phishing Attacks.

Access geo-restricted content

When speaking about the feature, ordinary Internet users imagine that access to geo-restricted content will let them watch their favorite movie or stream or read their beloved magazine. For instance, say you are outside Spain but wish to access content available only in the country. You can access Spanish news sites or blogs only available to local users or watch Spanish TV channels or streaming services like or Movistar+. Though this is accurate, residential proxies have much more to offer for business.

One company that uses residential proxies to access geo-restricted content is a market research firm. The business might need to access material that is only accessible in a particular area, like a website run by a rival. Using residential proxies, a company can direct traffic through a residential connection in a specific area, giving the impression that a user is browsing from that area. To conduct its research, the company can now access geo-restricted content.

Web filtering 

Web filtering may grant access to specified websites or prohibited content categories. Companies can use residential proxy servers to implement web filtering rules, boosting productivity by restricting access to information that violates company regulations. Proxies allow for enforcing content restrictions while preventing staff personnel from seeing improper or offensive information such as violence, gambling, and adult content.

Load balancing

The load balancing method involves splitting network traffic among several servers to increase performance and prevent outages. Proxy servers enable the implementation of load-balancing policies, ensuring network traffic is distributed evenly among several servers. By doing this, businesses can reduce network traffic and improve website performance. 

Using load balancing ensures that your website won’t be blocked during periods of high visitor volume. It might be Cyber Monday or Black Friday or be a fad and rush for the products you are selling.

However, load balancing can assist in preventing DDoS attacks. By rerouting live traffic from one server to another, load balancers increase resilience if a server is subjected to DDoS attacks or otherwise becomes unavailable. Load balancers assist in reducing the attack surface, removing single points of failure, and making it more challenging to deplete resources and overload links.

Datacenter migration

When businesses move their data centers to a new location, datacenter migration is required. Their IP addresses need to be updated. Proxy servers enable organizations to continue routing traffic through their old IP addresses while the migration is still in progress, ensuring continuity even when IP addresses are changed. Customers are confident that they can use the company’s website and services going forward without worrying about disruptions to its online operations.


As a business owner, you should be familiar with the Top 10 ways to use residential proxies for business. Residential proxies can be helpful for companies wanting to enhance their operations and obtain an advantage over rivals. Proxy servers enable various data collection, security, and performance-enhancing tasks, such as load balancing and web scraping. Businesses can streamline operations, circumvent geo-restrictions, and improve their online visibility using proxies. However, companies must choose the best proxy for their needs and ensure it’s used sensibly and morally. By doing this, businesses can benefit from all that proxies offer and stay one step ahead of the competition in today’s market.