How to configure Quick Proxy with FoxyProxy Chrome Extension

With more features than other proxy plugins, the FoxyProxy Chrome Extension makes it simple to set up browsers to access proxy servers.

Check the main advantages of using the FoxyProxy Chrome Extension:

  • It uses Chrome Proxy API, which is more accurate and efficient than changing the system proxy settings.
  • It allows for auto-switching, which alternates between proxies in accordance with URL rules.
  •  It supports online rule lists that are compatible with AutoProxy and data import/export.
  • Its quick and easy interface speeds up the setup of your computer to communicate through a proxy server.

According to the Chrome Web Store, as of March 2023, FoxyProxy Standard had over 300,000+ users, while FoxyProxy Basic had over 10,000+ users.

These figures demonstrate the popularity and reliability of the FoxyProxy Chrome Extension as a proxy management tool.

How to Configure FoxyProxy Chrome Extension Settings

FoxyProxy is a Chrome extension that allows you to switch between proxy servers easily. Here are the steps to configure FoxyProxy settings:

  1. Click on the FoxyProxy icon on the top right corner of your browser and select Options.
  2. On the FoxyProxy Options page, click on Add New Proxy.
  3. Enter the proxy server details, provided by Quick Proxy, such as host, port, username, password, etc. You can also choose a color and a name for your proxy. N.B.!!! Do not to select “Save Login Credentials”
  4. Click on Save to add the proxy to your list.
  5. To switch between proxies, click on the FoxyProxy icon again and select the proxy you want to use from the drop-down menu. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to toggle proxies.
  6. To edit or delete a proxy, return to the FoxyProxy Options page and click the pencil or trash icons next to the proxy name.

FoxyProxy Chrome Extension: Assigning a specific country to your proxy

  1. Open a new Browser window.
  2. Specify the country you want by entering cc (country code) right after your username. For example, United States: username-cc-us, United Kingdom: username-cc-uk. If you are okay with the random rotation of IPs from different countries, type in any instead of the specific country code (username-cc-any).
  3. Test/Verify your proxy. You can do it at several sites incl., or through a simple Google checkWhat is my ip”


The FoxyProxy Chrome extension enables users to switch between various proxy settings quickly.

Users can protect their privacy and gain access to blocked websites with the aid of Quick Proxy residential proxies and their integration with FoxyProxy.

Users must install FoxyProxy from the Chrome Web Store, add the premium Quick Proxy residential rotating proxies, and, if necessary, create patterns for matching URLs to set up FoxyProxy on Chrome.

FoxyProxy also offers features like logging, notifications, and backup choices. Anyone who wants to have more control over their web traffic should use this potent tool.