Integration of Quick Proxy and GoLogin – tutorial


This tutorial will walk you through using GoLogin, downloading the browser, and seamlessly integrating everything with Quick Proxy residential rotating proxies to get your GoLogin journey started. You can equip yourself with the best efficiency and anonymity for navigating the multi-accounting world in just a few clicks.

Your digital footprint and online anonymity by GoLogin and Quick Proxy

GoLogin is the antidetect browser that advances multi-accounting and allows you to create and manage numerous profiles easily. Through an extensive database of over 50 pre-set configurations, GoLogin gives you complete control over every aspect of your browser footprint.

GoLogin’s cloud-based containerization for each browser profile you create is one of its outstanding features. As a result, your profiles are completely isolated and secured, providing a worry-free multi-accounting experience. However, GoLogin goes above and beyond with built-in teamwork features. Sharing profiles and proxies among team members makes collaborating simple while allowing you to grant different access levels.

One of the best anti-detect browsers, GoLogin offers high privacy and security while giving you the ability to modify every aspect of your online presence. However, we have you covered with our practical Quick Proxy feature regarding your IP address! This is because, on the one hand, GoLogin does not provide its proxies, and, on the other hand, a basic GoLogin account will only give you access to shared proxies, which are not an option for you. Since they are included with your account, these shared proxies are convenient, but there might be better choices for private websites like Instagram, Amazon, or Google. Multiple users who use shared proxies from data centers run the risk of abuse and getting blacklisted.

GoLogin and Quick Proxy’s residential rotating proxies work together seamlessly to provide a complete solution for your online privacy requirements. The seamless integration of our proxies with GoLogin will transform your online experience. You can use your GoLogin account to quickly access a network of safe and dependable proxies with Quick Proxy. 

To create safe and secure accounts, GoLogin users should turn to Quick Proxy as their go-to solution. You can be sure that your online activities are protected by using Quick Proxy products, reducing the possibility of being blocked or flagged by sensitive platforms.

GoLogin features and advantages

Multiple accounts management with GoLogin

Gologin is a potent tool created to effectively organize multiple profiles with unique browser fingerprints while managing numerous accounts across numerous websites in bulk. Businesses can quickly scale up while ensuring the security of their accounts by utilizing Gologin. Digital marketers now use it as their go-to tool for ad verification and account management for social media and paid advertising. Users who use Gologin in conjunction with Quick Proxy services are able to successfully avoid bans and uphold the highest level of account security.

Rich fingerprint database by GoLogin

Gologin’s exceptional fingerprint database, which includes hundreds of connection settings, is one of its most distinctive features. Operating systems, connection types, advanced timezones, WebRTC, fonts, and hardware device characteristics are just a few of the many aspects covered by these settings. Users can evaluate the reliability of their fingerprints and even apply actual browser settings from the vast database of Golovin.

Multiple platforms support by GoLogin

Gologin also offers the convenience of an online cloud version of its software, which runs without a hitch on various host platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. This allows users to access their GoLogin accounts anywhere using any typical browser. The application uses AES encryption to ensure the security of users’ data while managing their profiles.


Other beneficial features provided by Gologin include Team Members, Session Synchronization, a Master password, and a Vault that is accessible through their browser extension. Their user-friendly platform guarantees ease of use, and live customer support is readily available to assist users should they need more complex help.

Quick Proxy and GoLogin integration – the first step

To guarantee a seamless experience with GoLogin, our team has painstakingly created this step-by-step guide, which has been thoroughly tested on the Windows operating system. Once you’ve downloaded the program, you can relax knowing that the installer will take care of the rest of the installation. We strongly advise pinning the GoLogin anti-detect browser to your taskbar for quick access so you can take advantage of its features.

Visit the designated GoLogin download page to start using the service. Here, you’ll experience the genius of their brilliant page, which deftly recognizes your operating system and initiates the appropriate app download. Rejoice, Mac users! The GoLogin download offers a consistent and dependable experience and runs flawlessly on Mac OS.

This browser’s ability to work on mobile devices is one of its most notable qualities. Installing GoLogin from Google Play makes using it on your smartphone simple. Unfortunately, there isn’t a GoLogin app for iOS, but don’t worry—the variety of features available on other platforms will astound you!

Your multi-accounting and browsing activities will soar to new heights with GoLogin. This tutorial will be your key to releasing GoLogin’s full potential because it is seamlessly optimized for your selected operating system and integrated into it. Today, embrace the anti-detect browsers of the future!

 How to Integrate Quick Proxy with GoLogin?

  1. Access your personalized Quick Proxy Dashboard and navigate to the Proxy Manager section. 
  2. Within the Proxy Manager, you can select the Country, Region, City, and ISP for your desired proxies. For this example, we’ll opt for a USA Residential Proxy based in Miami, Florida, on the AT&T Network.
  3. Once you’ve obtained the specific details of your chosen proxy, proceed to launch the GoLogin app, which will lead you to the initial screen. 
  4. Locate and click on the “New Profile” button to initiate the profile creation process. 
  5. A subsequent screen will guide you through a few straightforward settings. Begin by selecting the connection type that suits your preferences: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5. 
  6. Subsequently, input your personal residential or mobile proxy details, including the proxy host and port, as well as your username and password.
  7. And that was it. You are ready to go! 

After successfully configuring your profile, You are ready to use your GoLogin profile in conjunction with Quick Proxy proxies. A better browsing experience is ensured by this seamless integration, which is strengthened by the strength and adaptability of Quick Proxy and GoLogin working in tandem.

GoLogin pricing level and policy

The number of profiles you want to create will determine GoLogin’s pricing structure. The number of accounts you intend to manage within the GoLogin anti-detect browser is all that the term “profile” refers to, so don’t let it mislead you. GoLogin’s pricing is based on a monthly subscription model, though you can pay less by choosing an annual subscription. Users who select the annual payment option can get significant discounts of up to 50% on their subscriptions.

The initial cost for 100 profiles monthly for those just getting started with GoLogin is at least $49. Given the impressive variety of features GoLogin provides, this price is considered fair. Additionally, GoLogin occasionally offers discounts and promotions during special occasions like Cyber Monday, giving users fantastic chances to save even more money.

The best deal is to buy an annual subscription at 50% off for the most considerable saving possible. This option unquestionably provides the best value if your business has the financial resources. Take advantage of GoLogin’s potential by choosing a pricing option that best suits your requirements. This will enable you to manage multiple accounts easily within the GoLogin anti-detect browser.


With Quick Proxy’s $1.99 trial offer, starting your journey with residential rotating proxies has never been simpler. Within minutes, quickly connect to a vast network that spans more than 170 countries and has thousands of connections. Integrate easily with GoLogin to ensure smooth online performance. Take advantage of Quick Proxy’s potent services right away!