Integration of Quick Proxy and Kameleo – tutorial

Quick Proxy and Kameleo: Introduction

Kameleo offers a cutting-edge service that will let you enjoy accessing the Internet in total privacy. This platform manages to do what was previously seen as being technologically impossible. Because you can automate operations using its API and Selenium Stealth WebDriver, it goes beyond being a standard antidetect browser. This elevates it above the level of common antidetect browsers.

Using these fantastic technologies, you can easily create multiple accounts and automate many jobs. All of this is possible while maintaining your entire anonymity. The excellent  residential proxies provided by Quick Proxy further enhance the service’s unique ability to protect the privacy of your activities and identity.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to integrate Quick Proxy proxies with Kameleo in just a few easy steps by walking you through the process step-by-step.

Stealth Browsing for Professionals 

With the help of the Kameleo platform, users may create and control several virtual browser accounts, each with their fingerprint and IP address. We will investigate Kameleo’s main features and how it can help you perform better when engaging in online activities before combining it with our residential proxies.

The local application programming interface (API) of Kameleo, which is run on your computer, allows you to automate your work. To take control of the virtual browser profiles, you can also utilize your chosen automation frameworks, such as Selenium, Puppeteer, or Playwright. Kameleo is compatible with the following web browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. You may now create and use iOS and Android profiles on your Android smartphone using the Kameleo Mobile app.

Why should you use Kameleo

When compared to other solutions for stealth browsing, Kameleo has several advantages, including the following:

– Kameleo modifies your browser fingerprint, a set of data websites use to recognize and follow you while you use the Internet. By altering your fingerprint, you can avoid being identified, blacklisted, and monitored by websites.

– You can create and utilize infinite profiles with Kameleo because it allows multiple profile management. Each profile has a distinct fingerprint and IP address. You can choose to share these profiles with the rest of your team after saving them.

– Several different types of proxy services and protocols are compatible with Kameleo. Quick Proxy can be used to connect to Kameleo and gain access to thousands of residential HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies from more than 170 nations.

– Kameleo provides an application programming interface (API) that is both user- and developer-friendly. You may quickly and simply customize your profiles using the graphical interface or the REST API to meet your needs. Additionally, you can utilize the NuGet, NPM, or Python package formats to communicate with the Kameleo Local API.

Instructions on How to Integrate Quick Proxy with Kameleo 

After having Kameleo installed on your device and creating an account, you are now able to move on to the next simple steps, which are as follows:

Step 1: First, you will start by selecting the “new Profile” button.

Step 2: Select the browser and operating system footprint you want to use.

Step 3: Select the connection protocol you want to use by clicking the HTTP or SOCKS option. Quick Proxy supports both.

You must fill in the designated fields with the IP and port information for your Quick Proxy. Don’t forget to click the “Authentication” button and provide your username and password. If necessary, adjust this information based on your targeting settings. We recommend that you keep the Time zone and Geolocation Settings on Automatic Mode so that they can be automatically adjusted to correspond with your Proxy IP. Doing so will produce the best possible results.


With the help of the Kameleo platform, users may create and control several virtual browser accounts, each with their fingerprint and IP address. It is an effective tool for professionals who must browse the web anonymously and securely for various objectives, including web scraping, social media marketing, sneaker botting, and other comparable goals. Your Internet performance will improve, and you will maintain anonymity to the most outstanding standard if you use Kameleo and Quick Proxy residential rotating proxies.