Integration of Quick Proxy and AdsPower – tutorial

The AdsPower Antidetect Browser is software that allows you to manage several different online accounts, each with its unique browser fingerprint. Screen resolution, browser version, fonts, plugins, and other elements can all be used to identify and track an online user through a browser fingerprint. This set of parameters can be used to identify and track an online user. 

You can avoid being detected by websites that use fingerprinting techniques to limit or block your accounts by changing these parameters so that they no longer match your profile.

AdsPower is designed to make it easier to manage multiple account profiles across various platforms by providing an intuitive dashboard. AdsPower cleverly compartmentalizes each session, in contrast to traditional methods of web browsing, which assign unique fingerprints to each visit. Users can effortlessly maintain multiple identities without arousing any suspicions directly from this feature.

A trustworthy residential proxy partner is necessary to maintain complete anonymity while retaining full functionality. Quick Proxy, which offers access to more than 170 locations and thousands of concurrent connections, is the best option for effectively managing each login because it steps in when this situation arises.

 Why users of residential proxies rely on AdsPower

AdsPower offers a user-friendly application compatible with multiple platforms and simplifies your work by isolating browsers and providing comprehensive control over workflow. Take advantage of the convenience of saving proxy settings for each profile and the simplicity of efficiently executing bulk tasks. The application offers some benefits, including the following: 

– data importing and exporting

– teamwork and permission management

– support for all browser fingerprints

– account sharing

– safety lock feature

Customers using the AdsPower antidetect browser have provided positive feedback, praising the product’s ease of use, functionality, customer service, and privacy protection features. You can get the most recent version of the AdsPower antidetect browser for Windows or macOS (including Apple Silicon) by visiting the website for the product’s official distribution.

 The competitive advantage of AdsPower

The exceptional automation functions that AdsPower possesses, specifically Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are the primary differentiating factor between it and its rivals. You can automate tasks such as creating social media posts, automating e-commerce processes, and the execution of bulk tasks across multiple profiles without having to write any code.

It is the world’s #1 antidetect browser for multi-account management, as stated on the official website of the AdsPower antidetect browser, and it has protected more than 13 million accounts. It provides a selection of browsers based on Chromium and Firefox for increased undetectability. It includes features such as automating routine tasks, working as part of a team, and securing data. Other features include the ability to spoof real browser fingerprints. In addition to this, it is compatible with a wide range of use cases, including affiliate marketing, agencies, cryptocurrency, and online shopping.

 How to integrate Quick Proxy with AdsPower

To use your premium residential proxies and bring your Quick Proxy integration with AdsPower to a successful conclusion, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: download AdsPower, register for an account, and sign in to use it.

Step 2: Identify and select the green button labeled “single import.”

Step 3: Name your profile (for example, “Quick Proxy IO Resi”), and then choose the proxy you want to use. (We support the SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy protocols.) After that, enter the following information below: your proxy host, your proxy port, your proxy username, and your proxy password.

Step 4: Launch your profile and begin your anonymous web browsing. 

 AdsPower Pricing

With an alluring offer of two free virtual profiles, the pricing structure of AdsPower is designed to be as affordable as possible. The Base plan costs $9 per month and allows users to manage up to ten different profiles. The Pro plan, which costs $50 per month and can accommodate larger-scale needs, provides space for 100 user profiles.


Beginning your work with residential rotating proxies has never been easier than with Quick Proxy’s one-month trial offer, which costs just $1.99. Connecting to a massive network that spans more than 170 countries and contains thousands of connections can be accomplished in minutes. Integrate with AdsPower without difficulty to guarantee your online presence’s smooth operation. Make use of the robust services that Quick Proxy has to offer right away!