Quick Proxy and Dolphin Anty Integration – tutorial

The Dolphin Anty browser claims that it can safeguard your online identity and privacy by using actual browser fingerprints. It is intended for affiliate marketing, particularly on Facebook, Google, and TikTok. 

Additionally, it provides tools for managing tabs, pre-loading bookmarks, and integrating teamwork. According to some user reviews, Dolphin Anty is quick, practical, and valuable. 

Here are some fascinating Dolphin Anty facts and figures:

– Dolphin Anty, which runs on Windows and Mac OS, was introduced in 2021.

– Over 1000 browser profiles are supported by Dolphin Anty for each device.

– When you create new browser profiles, Dolphin Anty gives you the fingerprints it has collected from actual users.

– Dolphin Anty integrates with other Dolphin automation products, including a tool for working with Facebook and an upcoming TikTok tool.

– Dolphin Anty has two pricing tiers: $49 for 100 browser profiles and $99 for unlimited browser profiles.

As a trustworthy and comprehensive proxy service, Quick Proxy offers unrestricted access to more than 9 million residential proxies spread across 170 countries. You can easily change your IP address and location with Quick Proxy products, get around geo-restrictions, and easily collect information from any website. Quick Proxy’s proxies are renowned for their astounding speed, reliability, and compatibility with almost any program or device.

Our in-depth tutorial will show you how to seamlessly integrate the Dolphin Anty browser with Quick Proxy proxies so that you can browse the web anonymously and securely across multiple profiles. Discover helpful hints and shortcuts to enhance your experience and make the most of Quick Proxy’s and Dolphin Anty’s outstanding features. Protect your online identity and browse the internet with greater assurance than ever!

Advanced features of Dolphin Anty — recommended by Quick Proxy

Dolphin Anty Browser’s Full Potential Unlocked by the below Advanced Features

Personalized Start Pages

Create start pages for your profiles to customize how you browse. Your login will automatically open all of your necessary tabs, streamlining your work process.

Custom Extensions

You can improve your browsing experience by using some extensions. Dolphin Anty lets you add extensions to your profile, giving you access to customized features like ad blockers and SEO tools.

Efficient Bookmarks

Adding bookmarks to your profile lets you quickly access your favorite websites. For quick and straightforward navigation, organize and manage your frequently visited websites.

Tags and Notes

Organize and streamline your browsing by including tags and notes in your profile. Organize and manage your online activities effectively for easy navigation.

Cookie management

You can easily save and restore browsing sessions by exporting and importing cookies from your profile. Easily save your preferences and sessions.

Collaborative Sharing

Fostering teamwork and collaboration by allowing users to view each other’s profiles. Utilize the power of the Dolphin Anty collectively as a team to increase productivity.

Utilize these cutting-edge features in the Dolphin Anty browser to enhance your browsing experience and boost productivity.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Dolphin Anty Browser and Quick Proxy residential proxies:

Step 1: Install the Dolphin Anty Browser first in step one.

To download Dolphin Anty, go to the website and select the big “Download” button.

Run the downloaded file as an administrator after saving it to your computer.

Accept the terms and conditions before continuing with the installation wizard’s instructions.

Launch the Dolphin Anty browser after the installation process is finished.

Step 2: Choose an existing profile or create a new one

Making a New Profile

Look for the “Profiles” icon in the browser window’s upper left corner.

The “Create new profile” button can be found in the pop-up window’s lower right corner.

Select a name for your profile and then click “Create.”

Await the creation and loading of the new profile.

Find the “Profiles” icon in the top left corner of the browser window to choose an existing profile.

Please choose the desired profile by clicking it from the list of available profiles.

Hold off until the chosen profile has loaded.

Step 3: Configure Proxy Settings

It’s time to set up your profile’s proxy settings so that you can use Quick Proxy proxies to change your IP address and location.

Click the “Settings” icon in the browser window’s top right corner.

Select “Proxy settings” from the menu in the left sidebar.

Select “Use a proxy server” and enter the Quick Proxy-provided proxy information. This information is available in your Quick Proxy dashboard or the email confirmation.

Use the “Test proxy” button to ensure the proxy operates appropriately.

After saving the settings, click “Save” to close the settings window.

Step 4: Browse the Web Anonymously and Securely

Now that everything has been set up, you can browse the web anonymously and securely with the Dolphin Anty browser and Quick Proxy proxies.

To use a web browser:

You can use your preferred search engine or type a URL into the browser’s address bar.

With your new proxy setup’s increased anonymity and security, you can browse the web without issues.

When Dolphin Anty and Quick Proxy are combined, you can confidently access any website without worrying about being discovered or blocked. Enjoy browsing that is both private and secure like never before!

How to Optimize Your Experience with Dolphin Anty and Quickproxy: few more features

Diversify Proxies: Use different proxies for each of your profiles to prevent IP conflicts and bans. This guarantees a faster and safer browsing experience.

Targeted Proxies: Make sure the location and language of the websites you plan to access through your proxy match. This makes it easier to avoid geo-restrictions and any concerns about strange behavior.

Social media platforms: Use residential proxies to access sites like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. These proxies are more likely to avoid fraud detection programs.

The “Clone” Function: Use Dolphin Anty’s “Clone” feature to make multiple profiles with the same settings and data but different fingerprints and proxies. This makes managing other profiles easier.

What is “Randomize”? Use the “Randomize” function of Dolphin Anty to increase your level of anonymity. Create fingerprints for your profiles based on actual user data to strengthen your disguise and guard against identity theft online.

Utilizing Dolphin Anty and Quick Proxy correctly will allow you to maximize your browsing potential fully while ensuring smooth and secure online interactions. Enjoy a significantly improved web browsing experience while staying ahead of the curve!


As a result of reading this guide, you now know how to combine the Dolphin Anty browser with Quick Proxy proxies to browse the web with the utmost security and anonymity across multiple profiles. Additionally, you now have helpful advice on how to make the most of the remarkable features of Quick Proxy and Dolphin Anty.

Dolphin Anty and Quick Proxy are potent tools that serve the needs of web scrapers, affiliates, marketers, and anyone looking for unrestricted website access. By combining their forces, you can unlock a world of increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability.